Ashley Madison Review and Results

One of our male readers offered to do a Ashley Madison review of the Ashley Madison Dating Agency to meet another married spouse. Our reviewer signed up for the $249 have an affair guaranteed in three months membership or money back membership just in case things didn’t work out for him. He then filled in the necessary information and added a photo of himself for the review, the next day he had a response from a lady in his area. After a few emails back and forth between this female and him they arrange to meet for coffee during his lunch break. He told us he met a lady just looking for a discreet relationship and nothing more. They plan to meet again soon at a hotel outside the city, and said this was a Ashley Madison success story.

He said the following about the site:

Pros: There is a decent ratio of men to women, you can respond to a paid member’s email for free if they contact you. They have an affair guarantee in three months or they refund your money.

Cons: You have to pay to fully utilize this site, but that’s the cost of making discretion a priority.

If you don’t really care about the guarantee and just want to sign up right now, go to the ashley madison free signup page.

Ashley Madison kind of sounds like a porn star name, and this online dating service actually does lean more that direction than many of the others. It specializes in affairs for married or attached people, which has gotten the attention of numerous publications. While plenty of people think this kind of service is unethical, there’s no denying the popularity of such practices. Rest assured, reader, that my first-hand knowledge that follows was done entirely for your benefit. I don’t wish to get in trouble with my “attachment.”

There are over 3.5 million members at Ashley Madison, and almost all of them are there to date outside of the relationship. The service makes it absolutely clear that it exists for just that reason. Still, you will find a few singles looking for relationships with other singles, but who would want to hook up with them, since it’s obvious they can’t follow directions?

Signing up can be extremely quick, since you only have to fill out about ten questions related to your location, physical characteristics, and relationship information. However, you have the option of filling out a more detailed profile that includes descriptions of your interests, your perfect match, and your “intimate interests.” You have the capability to add a profile photo, but you’ll find that the nature of this matching service makes profiles with photos fairly rare. It all adds up to Ashley Madison functioning like the Yahoo Personals of the polyamorous.

Members can get quite specific in their profiles with an interest checklist of over fifty preferences ranging from scented candles to tattoos. Some members also have a “private showcase” that may include photos you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Other members must be invited to view them.

Ashley Madison offers a lot of help for members who want to make discretion a high priority. Members can turn off their profiles at any time, and they can also set things up so they appear offline even when they are actually online. In case you are about to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, there is a panic button that will whisk you away to a movie trailer website. Good luck hitting it in time, though, as the button is awfully tiny.

Mischief and discretion come at a premium with Ashley Madison, so expect to pay two or three times the cost of cheaper online dating sites like or There is no monthly subscription price; instead members pay for credits, with the cheapest option being 100 credits for $55. That will buy you 5 hours of instant messaging time or 20 emails to new matches. The ultimate package costs $360 and covers six months of unlimited emailing and 750 credits (which equates to more than 37 hours of instant messaging time). Members can also choose to transfer credits to other members.

Other features you’ll find on the site include a tips section, where Ashley Madison offers advice for successful encounters. The online matchmaker seems to have thought of everything a new member could want in the way of help, even providing a “Dictionary of Acronyms & Emoticons” and a chart listing the most popular days and times for members to be on the site.

Ashley Madison also includes some cost-cutting features such as the ability to respond to a paid member’s email for free. There is also the unique option to send a collect instant message.

Be sure to thoroughly understand the consequences that can come from using the Ashley Madison online matching service. It can’t be emphasized enough that this is not just another online personals site. That being said, if some excitement outside of your current relationship doesn’t clash with your values, Ashley Madison can offer you a well-organized center for finding just what you’re looking for.

If you’re still interested we suggest you head over to free sign up page to see for yourself about all the talk  Ashley Madison has going on.  Just a reminder setting up a profile is free and maybe an attached person looking for a discreet nsa casual encounter will contact you.

We have received many Ashley Madison Reviews from users, and if you had anything to add please comment below and write us a review of Ashley Madison.

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32 Responses to “Ashley Madison Review and Results”

  1. I was skeptical when I signed up, was worth the price though, since I’m in a large metro area there was alot of ladie to meet.

  2. Ashley Madison is were I met my male friend for a discreet relationship, were both married and want no drama, We were just looking to just fullfill those needs. 🙂

  3. I just signed up for the have an affair guaranteed in 3 months or money back package, I’ll let you all know how it went. If it doesn’t work out I can just get my money back.

  4. Can anyone else tell me about there experience with ashley madison agency?

  5. I’m back to let you all know how it went for me, after a few days I met a lady on it. We chatted for a few days and arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon at a starbucks, I’m nervous and excited as hell to meet her.

  6. let me tell you. this site saved my marriage. I was ready to leave and destroy my daughters life. But by finding others like myself that were getting ignored to share with, I was able to stay in the marriage and tollerate my husband. women, who are concerned, wake up and give your husband sex. They need attention or they wouldn t be here.

  7. I have been on the Ashley Madison for over 2 years now. I have had decent luck met with 5 girls (had sex with 3) If you understand the women are not just horny but bored and wanting attention you will do much better. I still see 2 of the girls from time to time.

  8. Sweetdiversion 23. Aug, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    I started on Ashley Madison about three weeks ago. I was amazed at the results!
    I had about 20 responses with in the first day. I have a few men that want to meet me, and I have had a sexual encounter with one.

  9. Yes, there are some fake users. But if you pay attention, and keep trying, you can connect. Be realistic in your expectations, though. If you are 50 years old, and not a rich Sugar Daddy , don t expect to hook up with a 25 year old woman.

  10. Good site for women, this site was recommended to me by a friend and I wasn’t sure at first but after signing up I found it pretty good fun. Ashley Madison is tastefully done, profiles are decent with nothing too shocking, unlike some other sites of this kind where guys just after one thing only, and who think displaying all in their profile is going to turn some woman on! It’s easy to sign up and use and best of all as a woman you can more or less use the site for free, because you can ask the other person to pay for messaging. I had a lot of responses to my profile. I met some very interesting men here.

  11. Saw this site on some news prg a few years ago and only decided to try it this year. Surprised by the ton of responses I’ve received from women. Much more easier to meet someone on AM than on say, Match or Yahoo! personals..Everyone is an adult and knows what they’re on the site for..If anything it’s taught me more about women than I ever imagined..It’s not so much about sex as it is about making a connection and finding someone who’s exciting..

  12. I signed up for Ashley Madison (AM) a couple of months ago so I think I can provide some insight from a man’s perspective.

    Signing up and browsing is free but contacting anyone costs credits. The nice part about this is you control how long your money lasts rather than haveing a running clock like on most sites. When I joined you got 100 credits for $50 and you use 5 credits for initiating contact with someone. Subsequent contacts of the same type are free. There is the ability to send collect messages but I have disallowed them in my preferences, since they cost 5 credits to accept and another 5 to reply.

    You can send “winks” to any member for free. Winks are short pre-written messages. an example is “Please check out my profile to see if you might be interested in connecting with me. If you are interested, “wink” me back and I will initiate contact!” For men, sending winks is a bit like fishing. You cast and cast and then every so often you get a nibble. This is because the women get flooded with winks and messages and simply don’t have the time to look into each one. I my case, I have sent dozens and dozens of winks and have gotten a few dozen responses. Of those, perhaps half have resulted in further interest such as exchanging photos and 9 or 10 progressed to chat. From there I had the offer to meet with 6 of them but only met 2 in person, mainly because one of the two is perfect for me and we’ve started a relationship.

    A couple of things you should know:
    Blank profiles limit interest, as do those where you simply check the boxes, so it’s best to write up a few paragraphs that might attract some attention.
    Be patient when contacting the women. The better ones get swamped with hundreds of messages a day, so it might take a week or two to hear back from them.

    In the end, I spent $50 and found a perfect match for me. It might not happen like that for everyone but it can happen.

  13. I gave Ashley Madison a shot with that affair guarantee like this article talked about to see if I have any luck, and I did. I communicated with a few ladies and I hit it off with one. We started talking on the phone and then met in person. Its worth it people, I’ve never been happier and this excitement has jump started my life again.

  14. Joined this site and had three meet ups of which the last one I am having a full time affair with (the first two were just lunch meetings and never progressed beyond that – my decision both times). If you are somewhat attractive and keep yourself in good shape you will find someone especially if you are about having an exclusive one on one affair. Lots of men are looking for one night stands and sadly that is a turnoff to most women on here.

  15. I became a full member 2 days ago. I did the affair guarantee membership. I am meeting my first woman tomorrow already. And am talking to 2 others for potential affairs. Needless to say, I’m very satisfied so far. A couple tips for men though…make sure you post a picture in your public profile. You will get responses quickly. Forget the free membership. If you want results, pay. Women generally are not interested in cheapness.

  16. Update to my previous post. I met and slept with my first contact made. We are going to see each other again whenever we can. No strings, just mutual fun. I still have 3 more woman in the pipeline. Ashley Madison has been a complete success to me.

  17. I signed up at AM a few months after my marriage broke up and my husband moved out, as I didn’t want a serious or full-time relationship. Generally it worked out well for me – I received a lot of serious, polite enquiries and eventually began a relationship with someone.

    My only complaint is that, even at a reasonably upmarket site like Ashley Madison, you still have the occasional male who wants to chat about his organ size in his first message. Argh.

  18. So far I’ve met and been with 4 women.
    A couple women I continue to see on a regular basis when we can. Even have the possibilty of a 3some cookin’. Great site. But I do recommend not being cheap and getting a full membership.

  19. I used this website for a few months and met a very nice man. We actually fell in love. Not what I was planning but the sex is incredible and the emotional connection is intense. Tread slowly here. You may think you are walking into a fling and find real love, which can be both good and bad, especially if you are both married.

  20. So I signed up, and met what I thought was a really pretty gal! We chatted over coffee, then did dinner the next time out.

    After our dinner rendezvous, it looked like our next meeting would be “the one” if you know what I mean. We rented a nice hotel room downtown, and went out for drinks first in the arena district.

    Finally we get back to the room, and start tearing each others clothes off whilst kissing. It was so erotic.

    I highly recommend this site, it’s the best!

  21. Ashley madison is an excellent site. 100% success if you are looking for something very private. It’s not a cheap site and that’s why you will find what you are looking for.


  22. Well, I’m glad to provide some new perspective. I signed up December 2010, bought the “affair guaranteed” package, but didn’t send any emails until about a week ago. I’m a 59 year old male, had tried some other sites a couple years ago, always met with total failure. I’d begun to think that a man my age would never have any luck, since we vastly outnumber the women on these adult sites and it seems the women are all cougars anyway. Well, last week I got a response immediately from a 50 year old woman, an out of towner, and we’re having lunch next week. This is by far the most optimistic and excited I’ve felt in 15 years. I even went out and bought expensive perfume – something I haven’t done in 14 years since I realized my wife was a greedy, grasping person. I’ll follow up on this discussion board to let all the guys know how things turned out with my date.

  23. This site is WORTH the $$$ invested. (no need to go over the per credit package, alot of services are Free and plenty of women contacted me. At 35 years old, I have met 9 women on this site, all beautiful and married. it is UNREAL how many lonely married women are out there, just looking to talk or hookup. Get on here, spend the $$$ and just wait for the bored, lonely housewives to reply for attention. It is worth it.

  24. I can give the female AM perspective. There are a lot of decent, attractive men on AM and most woman will have little trouble finding someone. For the men: We do get flooded with winks and requests for our private showcase right away. If you have a blank profile, with no personality, all the good ones will discard you without responding. Most women can have their pick, especially the pretty ones in good shape. Send your private showcase when requesting one. Most of us will not bother to send it first because there are so many guys on the site that will preempt that for us. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is on AM. Also, it’s wise to be realistic. The same rules apply on AM that do out on the street. If you’re 50, pudgy and not a great conversationalist trying to chat up the gorgeous 23 year old is not likely to work out well. There are plenty of gorgeous 23 year old men on the site as well. Make your profile stand out. Be funny, be smart and you’ll catch someone’s eye faster. Women on the site are already bored by our current situations and because of the massive response we get there’s no incentive to check out someone who comes across as dull. Lastly, please keep in mind what kind of site this is. Women on AM are NOT interested in stroking your fragile ego. We are there looking for sexual fulfillment the same as you. We don’t want another whiny husband type we have to baby. That’s so not sexy. OK, now for the women: There really are some great guys, very attractive and intelligent. there are also the flat out losers, egoists, stalkers and whiners. You will get some of the chaff with the wheat. One problem I had, which resulted in me shutting down my account, was that I got an online stalker. The guy got very indignant that I didn’t choose him after only a couple of exchanged messages. He then proceeded to open up new accounts every time I’d block one and send me nasty messages. I couldn’t tell which new contacts might be him (pictures can easily be faked) so I was afraid to meet anyone I encountered there. AM has a “report this user as suspicious” button but you get no follow up and no way to know if the guy’s really gone, especially worrying given the possibility for creating new profiles. So, I’d recommend it for women. You’ll definitely find a guy you like just be very, very careful who you chose.

  25. A lot of the big affair dating sites are a waste of money. My experience though is that Ashley Madison is the best by far. Before I used ashley madison I signed up 4 dating sites over 4 months. These other affair dating sites have the same problems regular dating sites have. They are packed full of free memberships from folks who are just curious as well as tons of fake profiles to trick you into joining the site and staying with the site. In 4 months on 4 different sites I had 0 dates. Not even a chat session with a single woman.

    I then joined ashley madison and found they remove fake profiles for spam real fast and kick out any people were are causing trouble. I met a decent woman quite fast. We chatted for awhile and I peaked her interest. If you want an affair you’ll have to try ashley madison out.

  26. Rockromantic1 10. Jul, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    My marriage was on a bad shape, no attention to me just work, politics and church, I resented my wife then I got on Ashley Madison on April and right away I chatted with a lovely lady then after couple intense chats we and we had a great afternoon. I felt young and happy again. We meet occasionaly, I have 4 more on the pipeline, I guess if you spend the money for affair guarranteed and wait for the lonely, neglected and starved for attention housewives you investment will pay off… Couple advice make an anonymous email address and get an extra phone line e.g. Google voice so you don’t get caught in either side invade

  27. Yolanda Dickerson 22. Jul, 2012 at 6:37 am

    I received a flow of e-mails within the same day I signed up. I met a guy on there and we started chatting the same day. He wanted to meet for dinner in my city the next weekend. However, he was unable to make it so we rescheduled for the next he comes in my area. I am really looking forward to meeting him. He invited me to have dinner in his hotel room when he come here. We have discussed have a mutually beneficial arrangement. I am comfortable with that. I used to “frown” on judge people that would have extramarital affairs, however no I realize there is more the affair than just sexual or discretion. There are two people that are seeking friendship, communication. The rest will lead to something stronger. But we are aware of our boundaries and we except nothing more. I am find with that. Because I date as well in my hometown. So my life is balanced and I am not looking to fall in love.

  28. I signed up in Tampa, met dozens of very attractive and endowed men. Sex has been phenomenal. Did have a 3+ year affair with a married man with a young daughter. Fell in love, definitely ended badly. But there’s been plenty since to avert my mind from him.

  29. I joined 6 months ago and I’ve hooked up three times, and working on my third.
    It works if u put the work in, and have game.


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